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Professional Dance Experience Reviews
Professional Dance Experience Reviews


Reviews of Professional Dance Experience

Since Professional Dance Experience began in 2009 we have been delighted to receive some lovely feedback from students, parents and teachers from all across the UK.

Read below for testimonials from a number of customers who have enjoyed our dance course, classes and programmes including some lovely 5 star reviews received via our Facebook page...

“Once again my son has loved every moment of the ballet week, its especially nice to see him mixing with the other boys as this is rare for him at dance school being surrounded by girls.  His strength is improving and we’re still working on the “limbering”.  Sign him up for next year please!” (Liz Jackson, Huddersfield)

"My daughter has had an amazing experience and enjoyed every minute, she came home with beaming smiles. It has given her an amazing experience and an insight of a professional dancer.  Thank you so much for giving my daughter the opportunity to live her dream for the week." (Claudine Dwyer, Guildford).

"Starting with the performance, absolutely brilliant! I have seen my daughters confidence grown even more. The week has been an amazing experience for her and I can’t wait for her to come back next year and not alone but with a friend to whom I will highly recommend. Thank you." (Shelley Fernandes, Chertsey).

"Thanks so much for all the work you and the rest of the team put into the Summer Course, my son had an amazing time and learnt so much. He said that he thought the quality of the teaching was brilliant and that you all took a genuine interest in correcting him and helping him. We were also really impressed with the show of work. He would definitely be interested in the course next year! I have passed on information about how good he has found it to a dance teacher friend of mine and will also be recommending the course to others at his local dance school. Thank you". (Claire Newman, Somerset).

“Both of my daughters have thoroughly enjoyed the summer course.  They both found it structured and challenging which is exactly what we were looking for. The organisation of timetables and communication is superb.  My husband and I were both bowled over by the standard and content of the end of week presentation.  Money well spent and completely worth it.  Many thanks to all involved.” (Helen Firth - Halifax)

“This is my daughter's 2nd year doing the summer course.  Once again she had a fantastic time and has improved so much. The quality of teaching second to none and every child is given a chance to perform on stage. She will be counting down till the next one. Thank you to all who put the course together, it was great!” (Tracy Horwell - Leeds)

"Very well organised course with inspiring team whose roles each contributed different aspects of ballet.  Good structure to week, offering insight and depth to the creative process and a very impressive show to parents at the end. My daughter loved the course, learned many things, enjoyed working in a new and more professionally connected way. She liked the other students, some of similar ability and some to whom she can aspire. I only wish she could gain this sort of experience more often - such an opportunity for personal growth. Thank you" (Tim Boulton).

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