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Improve your Ballet Technique, Performance and Artistry at the Ballet Associates Programme in Leeds, Yorkshire.

Join our Pointe Work Programme in Leeds, Yorkshire to develop your strength, confidence, knowledge and pointe work technique.

Inspire your students with a visit to your dance school, join us at our Ballet Teacher Seminar Day and enhance your knowledge with our DVDs and videos.

All of our classes and courses are delivered by ex professional dancers

We welcome students of all abilities to take part in our classes and courses

Join us at our Christmas Ballet Workshops for a fun day of dancing and discover the stories, dances and music from famous ballets.

For children aged 4 to 10.

3 inspiring days of ballet, contemporary, character and more with our team of professional dancers and teachers.

For students aged 8 to 19.

5 exciting days of ballet, repertoire, pointe work, choreography and more with our ballet teachers and professional choreographer.

For students aged 8 to 19.

Join our company of young dancers and experience the creative process from rehearsal to performance in a professional theatre.

For students aged 11 to 19.

High quality dance classes and courses specialising in improving ballet technique, performance and artistry for students aged 4 to adult.

Visit the PDE Dance Supplies Online Dance Shop for a wide range of dance products, instructional product videos, our helpful dance blog and more...

Improve your ballet technique with downloadable videos and DVDs by Kimberley Berkin. Try your first video for free at Tips On Ballet Technique.

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Photo: Brian Slater

Photo: Brian Slater

Photo: Brian Slater

Photo: Peter Teigen

Photo: Peter Teigen

Photo: Nicola Selby

Michael Berkin Ballet Teacher Biography Professional Dance Experience
Kimberley Berkin Ballet Teacher Biography Professional Dance Experience

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Learn from Royal Ballet School trained ex Professional Ballet Dancers Kimberley and Michael Berkin, who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and experience.